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We love working with entrepreneurial companies, helping them to build motivated, high performing teams. This year we have decided to start making a difference to entrepreneurs in economies less advanced than our own.

To achieve this we have aligned ourselves to one of the United Nations 2030 Global Goals: #8 Good Jobs & Economic Growth by  partnering with an amazing organisation - Lendwithcare.

Through Lendwithcare we provide interest free loans directly to entrepreneurs in developing countries. These loans create sustainable businesses that provide the entrepreneur, and others, with employment and have a significant impact on their local community. 100% of each loan goes directly to the entrepreneur and is repaid free of interest on a monthly basis only when the business is returning a living to its employees.

A Recent Project:

Fully funded by RightClick and repaid in full

The Tikhalenawo group is comprised of 11 women. All of them are married except for 2, who are divorced. These women run various small businesses to support their families. They mainly run stalls selling fish, snacks, vegetables, groceries and clothes. They requested this loan so they can buy more stock and boost their businesses.


One member of this group is Patricia. She is 34 years old and married with 4 children. Her husband works as a tailor, and she sells vegetables. She requires this loan to buy more vegetables to sell. She started her business so she could be financially independent. Currently 1 of her family members works in the business, which she has been running for 5 years. Her ambition is to grow the business and supply more vegetables to more customers.

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