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B2B Sales Recruitment:

We partner with customer centric companies and provide high quality Permanent, Interim & Contract Sales Recruitment Solutions that enable them to identify, engage and recruit the RightPerson and build highly motivated, collaborative, high performing teams across their sales operations.





Requirements Focused

Each recruitment process is a unique journey. As with all journeys it is imperative to have a very firm understanding of the destination before setting off.


We have developed the RightClick Requirements Framework that asks 6 questions that must be answered before we start recruiting: 

RightClick Requirments Framework, Requirements Focused Recruitment




Partnership Driven




Results Orientated

The RightClick Requirements Framework

Six questions that must be asked and answered before setting off on any recruitment exercise.




Partnership Driven

Our approach doesn't work for everyone. Some hiring managers like to have multiple agencies competing for candidates for the same vacancy - it gives them access to more CV's and more CV's must result in a better recruitment process.


We don't think so. We believe that the only way that we can add real value is to work closely with our clients as their exclusive recruitment partner. This gives us the opportunity to really understand them and take the time to really understand their requirements (see left). Only then can we employ the most appropriate solution and submit a small number of candidates who:

  • Have been assessed for the role and meet the client's precise specification.

  • Have been briefed fully on the opportunity, the company and the future potential associated with the role.

  • Are fully engaged in and excited about the process.

In essence, Partnership is the essential element in a successful recruitment process and is key in finding the Right person for the job.




Results Orientated

We like to let the facts speak

for themselves.


In 2018:

  • 97% of the candidates we put forward to our clients were subsequently invited forward to 1st stage interview.

  • 100% of the exclusive assignments we undertook resulted in a successful hire.

  • Of those assignments, all but 1 candidate are still in situ. Through our 12 Month Free Replacement Guarantee * that    1 candidate was successfully replaced at no extra cost.      

     * Terms and conditions apply

  • 68% of our successful candidates were Passive Candidates who were not active in the market.  They are known to RightClick as a result of our ongoing relationship with them. This number grows year on year.


  • Over 70% of our database of candidates are passive – they work with RightClick for ongoing Career Development Support & Advice.  The best talent is quite often not looking for work – they work with us because we keep our ear to the ground so their ears can be focused on work!

The RightClick Sales Assessment Framework:

As a Recruitment Partner of choice, our primary focus is to help you find the RightPerson for the job. To achieve this we have, over the years, developed our proprietary RightClick Sales Assessment Framework that enables us to assess candidates for:

1 - Competence: The Knowledge, Skills & Experience that the candidate has built up across their education and career to date.

2 - Motivation: The candidate's unique motivational drivers and current level of motivation combined with the behavioural approach evidenced not only in the recruitment process, but throughout their career.

3 - Cultural Fit: The candidate's alignment to your company Vision, Values and Goals.

The RightClick Sales Assessment Framework:

The RightPerson For The Job

Competence  |  Motivation  |  Cultural Fit

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